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Richard Barnes Sensei, Teaching Continuously for 50 Years


Train in the three patterns of triangle, circle and square and it will generate light, heat and power. It will give you power that is irresistible. Those with such irresistible power will be able to grasp the natural, absolute love of heaven and earth and always display the warmth of goodness and love.


Morihei Ueshiba

The Secret Teachings of Aikido

- Morihei Ueshiba

Aikido techniques consist of circular, blending movements. Feel the technical movements throughout your body and keep your Spirit circular
Yoroi-kumiuchi a detail of a print by Yoshikazu
Sokaku Tekeda Sensei
Morihei Ueshiba O Sensei
Seiichi Sugano Sensei
Richard Barnes Sensei
Yoroi-kumiuchi a detail of a print by YoshikazuShowing a Samurai who has broken his sword in battle and has overpowered his armed opponent using an empty hand technique.


Brief History of Aikido in the Northern Territory

Aikido was born out of an ancient martial art called Aiki Jujutsu which can be traced back to over a thousand years.

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In modern times Takeda Sensei passed the Aiki Jujutsu art onto Ueshiba Sensei. At a later date Ueshiba Sensei changed the Art into what we now know as Aikido.

Sugano Sensei, a direct student of Ueshiba Sensei, came to Australia in 1965 to teach Aikido. It was at this time that Barnes Sensei, already a Judo/Aikido instructor in Darwin, became a student of Sugano Sensei.

Richard Barnes Sensei is the founder of Aikido in the Northern Territory of Australia and is still the Senior Aikido teacher in our Dojo. He has continued to teach and share his passion for Aikido for the past 50 years.

Getting Started.

Prior to starting your training you are required to attend the Dojo and watch a full lesson.

If after watching the lesson you wish to become a member you will be required initially to become a probationary member to better understand what commitment the training requires of you; and it is at this time you will be provided with further information regarding fees and obligations required of you when joinning the school.

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